Listen & Earn – a better world through music

A better world through music


Use your music player as usual to use Listify - you don't have to change anything. No matter if Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and co. Connect your music to the Cryptospace and get rewarded for every minute you listen to music. If you are loyal to us for a longer period of time, several rewards are waiting for you. Find out more in our app. The rewards in the form of tokens can either be exchanged for crypto tokens of your choice, NFTs or merchandise of your favourite artist.

Our Ambitions

Listify is our answer to the rapidly changing society and the urge to listen to music anytime, anywhere, just with a special kick.

AI Integration

The AI Chat answers individual questions about how Listify works. Do you know this? You're looking for a song, but you can't think of the name. A short description by voice command and Listify suggests suitable songs. Or you are looking for suitable songs for certain moods and situations - "Listify, play the top 10 Christmas songs of the last 5 years". Your private DJ? Listify enables you to make smooth transitions between songs by beatmatching. Means: the following song is adjusted to the speed of the playing song at the beginning. If you're in the mood for a mashup, use the stamp function and put the vocals from song A over the instrumentals of song B. Ever heard Drake rap on Michael Jackson's Thriller? Try it!

Our Values

▷ Don't over promise

▷ Change something

▷ Be passionate and talented

▷ Being transparent

▷ Long time project

▷ Social responsible

Web 3.0


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